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HEAT SEEK – Bulk by the pound – For use in healthy animals not showing heats. A balanced blend of “female” botanicals that enhance the visual signs of estrus in healthy animals not showing heat. Heat Seek treated cows conceive well. This is an especially good product for animals that haven’t shown heats in a while yet are declared normal by the vet on examination.


Dose: Give 2 heaping tablespoons (for a cow or horse) for 6 days before anticipated heat or until heat. Oral dosage can be added directly to moist feed.


Many times, estrus is observed prior to the final dose – if so, discontinue and simply breed the cow (mare, goat, sheep, pig). Sometimes animals will show heat a few days after the final dose. Occasionally, a cow will be bred after HEAT SEEK but then show a flaming heat 3 weeks later. Simply breed again.


Heat Seek can also be used in cows with cystic ovaries but will need to be dosed over 12 days, not just 6 days. Yet if they show heat at any time, stop dosing and breed the cow.


Safe to use in bull bred herds as it does not cause abortion in pregnant animals because it is not luteolytic.


This product is not like prostaglandin and will not clean out uterine infection.


Ingredients: Angelica sp., Dioscorea sp.., Linum sp., Mitchella sp., Oenothera sp., Turnera sp., Viburnum sp.

Heat Seek

Expected to ship Mid June
  • Heat Seek has been used clinically for 20+ years with an amazingly high success rate when used on cows that are (1) not in peak milk production, (2) in normal body (not skinny) and have structures on the ovaries.


    Heat Seek can be used in other species as well for the same clinical indications.


    One pound bulk container (each dose is 2 heaping tablespoon for a cow or horse) = $60.00 (plus shipping)


    Ten pound bulk container (each dose is a heaping tablespoon) = $400.00 (plus shipping)

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