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GET WELL - The Name Says It All - Helps animals to get well. Restores biological equilibrium in animals when their immune system is challenged. A balanced blend of botanicals that have well known, strong antibacterial and immune enhancing properties.


Indications: For animals with signs of potentially decreased vitality for any reason. For cases of “mystery-osis”. Initiate treatment when you have even just a hunch or slightest hint that something isn’t right.


Ingredients: Barberry, Garlic, Echinacea, Ginseng, Goldenseal in Organic Alcohol.


SHAKE WELL before using.


Dosage Orally:

Horses and Cows: 15-20cc 2-3x / day

Calves, sheep, goats, foals, llamas, pigs: 5-10cc 2x / day


INTRAVENOUSLY: For adult cow, mix 60-90 cc with 500 cc dextrose & give IV. Can repeat in 24 hours. Consult with your veterinarian for best results.


Consider these complementary products to use to give a really full spectrum of protection: Bovi-Sera, AmpliMune, Vitamin C

For example, Dr. Karreman has administered this sequence to hundreds of adult cows over the years: put 60 ml GetWell into 500 ml dextrose (if desired, add in flunixin 1ml/100 lbs.), 250 ml Bovi-Sera (add in 5ml AmpliMune), 250 ml vitamin C, and electrolytes as needed i.e., CMPK, Lactated Ringers Solution, 23% Calcium borogluconate

Veterinarians in various locations have used the above combination administered IV to certified organic cows needing enhanced vitality when not feeling well.

Get Well

  • GET WELL – Helps restore biological equilibrium when challenged. A balanced blend of botanicals that have well know, strong antibacterial and healing properties.

    Start using whenever you have even the slightest hunch that something isn’t right.

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