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Made In America

Updated: May 17, 2023

Made In America

Knowing where products you use are made can make you feel confident or, at times, hesitant. So many big-name products are made overseas in India and China. Where are their sources of raw ingredients coming from? How do you know if they’re made in a way that respects everyone in the whole supply chain? How do you know if minor ingredients are being substituted between batches?

Here at Dr. Karreman’s Veterinary Solutions we are committed to using the same manufacturer that has produced, GetWell, EatWell, BreatheWell and other botanically-derived formulas. Raw ingredients are either from USDA certified-organic sources or wild-crafted from individual producers that the manufacturer has worked with for years. There are no short cuts taken. I have visited the facility, a cGMP, FDA-registered facility and know the employees on a first name basis. Our manufacturer has a Ph.D. in experimental medicine and is highly respected for his products among human M.D.’s and naturopathic practitioners. We are proud that all our products are made right here in the USA.

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